Friday 4/4/14 – Competition

Workout of the Day
Six sets of:
Clean & Jerk x 1.1.1
(rest 10 seconds between singles)
Rest as needed.

Build throughout the six sets, starting around 70% of your 1-RM.

Three sets of:
Clean Pulls x 1.1
(rest 10 seconds between singles)
Rest as needed

Four sets for max reps:
In two minutes, complete the following:
Run 400 Meters
Handstand Push-Ups x Max Reps
Rest 2 minutes

(If you cannot run, substitute a 400 Meter Row.)

Three sets of:
Back Squat x 10 reps
Rest 4-5 minutes

Challenge yourself on these squats, and just note if you fell a rep or two short.

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