Tim Martorana


My CrossFit Ballina before and after pics. After many years in a downward spiral with my health I finally decided I’d had enough and something had to change. I was doubtful at first and, as many people would feel, didn’t think I would be able to do it. I wasn’t convinced that CrossFit was for me. How wrong I was! I was hooked from the fist day. I soon realized that others had there own story of the battle they faced the first day they walked in and drew from their inspiration and advice. I have since August 2013 lost around 28Kgs not by dieting or starving myself but by taking things back to basics. Making healthy choices when eating and exercising regularly. I thank all the coaches and people I have trained with for pushing me to get to where I am today and look forward to the journey ahead.

Fiona Mills

On May 2nd 2013 I turned 40.
This is my story………………….
I was lethargic, no energy, overweight and unhappy with the way I looked and felt. I was happy drinking ciders,wine, spirits and carb loading on a daily basis. I spent my time sleeping in, 4wdriving and working. NO exercise at all. I felt it was all too hard.


My dear friends all came and celebrated my 40th with me, but one of my dearest friends Sharron Gibbs, knew me better than I knew myself and encouraged me to make a change. So I did with much encouragement and support. I made the call and started my CrossFit journey.

WOW! OMG I thought is this really for me?! Id have weeks off here and there and make any excuse not to get out of bed. BUT…..one day I surprised myself and was able to run (jog/shuffle) without stopping on the 400 metre course. THEN i did an overhead squat with an 8kg bar! It may not sound much but it was the best feeling ever and the adrenaline finally kicked in. I finally decided this WAS for me and I was going to give it my best shot.

9 months later ….. 10kgsof weight loss  and I am about to compete in a team of 4 in the Samson Challenge. I still cant do a double under BUT I can clean and jerk 32.5kg and dead lift 65kgs. I still enjoy a cider and a glass of wine, carbs too but all in moderation these days.

I love it! I love the rush, I love the achievements, I love the community spirit we have at our gym and I love how we all encourage one another.

Cross fit has changed my life, it helps me get out of bed, it clears my head and gives me strength. I can now run jump and play with my family. I can even chase my nephews up the beach! I can now wear a sexy dress and not hide in jeans and a jumper or a baggy t-shirt! Hell I even wear shorts above my knees now! My confidence and self esteem is lifting and I feel great.
Sharron Gibbs and Crossfit Ballina have believed in me more than I have ever believed in myself.

Sarah Amery

These are my before and after photos. I have been doing CrossFit for almost 12 months and there is about 30kgs difference in these, but that is not the best part of my transformation! The best things have been my ability to get through a day without needing a afternoon nap or lay down. And just down right feeling better within myself!


Having the confidence to be able to do a CrossFit competition has blown my mind. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I could possibly even consider doing that! Let alone walking away with 5th place out of 70 odd teams!!!!

The CrossFit community is amazing and keeps surprising me all the time!!! The support from my coaches at CrossFit Ballina is fantastic along with the fellow athletes that keep me coming back time and time again to challenge me mentally and physically!!!

Thank you Crossfit Ballina, I have come a long way from where I started but you have played a very very large part in it! And I owe you my health. I am now able to get through the day on a high from start to finish. This reflects the positive lifestyle choices that you have helped me to make.

Jackee Davis

My Crossfit story is not about weight loss. It’s all about gains!

I was 50 and had pigeonholed myself as decrepit. My head and heart were in senior mode and I was resigned to the inevitable slide into old age. My kids were doing some incredible things but as I watched from the sidelines I thought Crossfit was way too intense for me. I was old, they were young and fit, excuses, excuses. They eventually talked me into a 10 day trial starting on 1 January 2013. I got through that (spitting and puffing) and just kept going.


From the photos you might not see a dramatic difference but the changes Crossfit has made to me can definitely be measured in health and happiness. Sure I’ve gained biceps, triceps, traps and a butt (thanks to the varied and intense workouts) but I also have confidence, determination, strength, skills, knowledge and am young at heart again!

My proudest moments at Crossfit have been jumping the hurdles in my own head. Box jumps, rope climbs and OMG even an obstacle course and a competition!!! The change in mindset has been the greatest surprise and gain for me. At first I would hide in the back of the class. I felt foolish, embarrassed, and out of my depth. Jake (my son) always knew I could do box jumps and encouraged me to practice before class. Slowly I got it, stepping up at first, then jumping, then adding plates. This flicked a little switch in my head that made me believe that I could actually do more. So a while later I grabbed the rope. I felt determined and was so buoyed by the support and encouragement from the class. I got half way up and was thrilled! Putting my hand up for a competition a week before my 51st birthday was another real breakthrough for me. I sucked at some things and powered through others and didn’t finish last so I was very happy. The obstacle course was another milestone. It’s not every mother that can say she does these crazy things with her son, helped along the way by a fantastic group of friends!

I have a very strong and genuine affection for my Crossfit family. I love to cheer them on and share their triumphs and hard work. I am often moved to tears by their determination to master a move or weight or just to keep going – sometimes through the toughest times. I am constantly in awe of their strength, so proud of their achievements and blessed to be part of the family. They give me the greatest coaching, inspiration, support and encouragement. And boy do we have some fun along the way!!!


I am a bona fide member of a wonderful Crossfit community. Looking back over photos from this past year brings a big smile to my face. You can’t buy these feelings of achievement, pride and self-reliance – you have to earn them the hard way. We’ve done some crazy stuff, worked out, dressed up, competed, celebrated, raised funds, walked and worked out all night, partied, got dirty, bloody and bruised, laughed and cried. I can’t wait to see what the years ahead bring and am determined to stick with it to old masters. Crossfit is never easy for anybody at any level but we improve and grow together.

At my age especially I appreciate the importance of building and maintaining muscle mass, core strength, balance, co-ordination, flexibility and cardio fitness. Crossfit gives me all that and more. The Crossfit community has opened my mind and changed my attitudes. I have gained a family, physical and mental strength and a fantastic source of inspiration, creativity and fun