Talking about practice!

To the person who views health and wellness as getting fit for summer, or who jumps from one 60-day challenge to another, practice will not be of much importance. When this type of person is training they are hitting everything at 100% (at a

Are you pacing yourself properly?

One of the biggest mistakes athletes make—especially inexperienced ones—is mis-pacing their conditioning workouts. They go out too hard and hit a wall. Fly and die. It’s painful for the athlete, and almost as painful for the coach to watch. It

Prescription for a Great Life

When we opened CrossFit Ballina our purpose wasn’t about producing elite athletes to compete at the CrossFit Games. And it still isn’t. Yes, we want to help you reach your potential (and if that means that you go to the CrossFit Games then we

Why is Changing your Diet SO DIFFICULT?

One of the absolute hardest things as a coach is getting our clients to change their diets. For whatever reason—lack of time time, motivation, willpower, or a massive sugar-addiction—it’s much easier for people to commit to a gym routine than it