It seems expensive compared with a regular gym….

CrossFit Ballina is more expensive than a 24/7 gym but it is about as far from a ‘regular’ gym as you can get. We provide you with so much more than these gyms can ever offer. The average gym membership provides you with a standard, boring, repetitive program and no support. The ineffectiveness of the 24/7 gym program is reflected in the fact that these gyms have dropout rates of almost 80% in the first 12 weeks! This is precisely why they push long term contracts so hard. In fact, these gyms actually rely on only a small percentage of their members attending.

At CrossFit Ballina the opposite is true. CrossFit Ballina has a retention rate of over 80% since opening, with no contracts. The reasons for this huge difference? We provide our members with expert coaches, great programming that gets results, and we care about each and every one of you!

We provide personalized coaching during every workout, for every exercise…We not only teach you proper form and technique, we also help you to find a level of intensity within yourself that you may not even realize existed. If you wanted to pay for a personal trainer at a regular gym then you would be paying at a very minimum $50 for a one hour session (on top of your regular membership fee). This is far more expensive than an entire week of classes at CrossFit Ballina. The value for money speaks for itself.

Finally, the sense of camaraderie and community that we develop in our group classes is something you won’t find at a traditional gym, or through training alone. This is the best training you can get! The return on your investment will be huge, and your experience life-changing.

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