Group Classes

CrossFit Ballina’s classes are run by top level coaches who hold multiple certifications that range from Gymnastics to Olympic Weightlifting. Their expertise allows us to provide a safe and fun learning environment for all ages. Whether you’re looking to get back into shape or you have an extensive athletic background, we strive to provide everyone with a great workout. The coach will lead the class through mobility drills, a skills-based warm-up, the Workout of the Day or WOD and Post-workout recovery techniques. Classes are 1 hour in length. Our goal is to make your time at CrossFit Ballina the best hour of your day!

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At CrossFit Ballina we are extremely fortunate in that we have received the blessings of C.J. Martin to use the programming developed for his gym. Martin is a world renowned coach, CrossFit programmer, and owner of one of the world’s most successful gyms, CrossFit Invictus, in San Diego California. He programs for the extremely diverse membership base of his own gym as well as for many individuals and teams that compete at the CrossFit Games (Including Josh Bridges and Camille Leblanc Bazinet). Our resident programming expert Andrew Fraser then tweaks the workouts to best cater for the needs of our community. Extensive time is put into programming workouts that provide you with maximum overall fitness results. These workouts are high intensity but performed in a community of supportive, dedicated athletes and coaches that make the work fun as well. The workouts variety will ensure that they are challenging and will keep you from ever getting bored.

Benefits of our Group Classes:

  • Long Term Sustainable Fitness:

CrossFit classes provide a long term sustainable method of staying fit and improving the quality and longevity of your life. You will not ever hear us preaching about quick fixes, boot camps, or fad diets as you commonly hear about in the fitness industry. These short cuts only set one up for failure and in no way do they support fitness for life.

It turns out that nothing can replace healthy eating and hard work so our aim is to provide you with an environment that encourages these virtues. To do this we will provide a constantly varied and challenging program that will keep you motivated to continue reaching your fitness goals. We will also offer a supportive community that shares your desire to be healthier and happier.

  • Fraction of the Cost of Personal Training:

Group coaching allows our members to work with a professional coach at a fraction of the price of personal training. All of our members are assigned to one of our professional coaches who are responsible for monitoring progress and holding their athletes accountable to achieving their fitness goals.

  • Goal-Based Programming:

The programs we offer are diverse and designed to improve our members’ health and performance in a way that is most meaningful to their needs and desires. We offer various programs (Group, Competition, Olympic Weightlifting, Barbell Free, Personal Training, and Parents and Bubs) because we know everyone has different personal goals and ability levels. Our group coaching program is designed with flexibility so that we can cater for each person’s individual needs. In addition, we offer open gym time which is supervised by an experienced coach and can be used to focus on specific areas for each individual athlete.

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