Gymnastics Classes and Seminars

Gymnastics Classes

At CrossFit Ballina we are very excited to announce that we are commencing specialized Gymnastics classes and seminars. These are aimed at improving both your technique and strength while also learning new skills that will help with everyday life.

Gymnastics based movements are extremely valuable and we share the following sentiments that were published in the CrossFit Trainers guide: “The extraordinary value of IMG_3913gymnastics as a training modality lies in its reliance on the body’s own weight as the sole source of resistance. This places a unique premium on the improvement of strength to weight ratio. Unlike other strength training modalities gymnastics allows for an increase in strength without a large impact on a body’s weight; therefore increasing the strength to weight ratio! Gymnastics develops pull-ups, push ups, squats, lunges, jumping, and numerous presses to handstand, scales, and holds. These skills are unrivaled in their benefit to the physique as evident in any competitive gymnast. As important as the capacity of this modality is for strength development, it is without a doubt the ultimate approach to improving coordination, balance, agility, accuracy, and flexibility. Through the use of numerous presses, handstands, scales, and other floor work the gymnast’s training greatly enhances kinaesthetic sense.”

The Trainers guide goes on to say “The variety of movements available for inclusion in this modality probably exceeds the number of exercises known to all non-gymnastic sport! The rich variety here contributes substantially to the CrossFit program’s ability to inspire great athletic confidence and prowess. For a combination of strength, flexibility, well-developed physique, coordination, balance, accuracy, and agility the gymnast has no equal in the sports world. The inclusion of a gymnastics training modality is absurdly absent from nearly all training programs so we would like to offer you the chance to try it out and see if it improves your performance.”

Becoming stronger, better, and more efficient at foundational gymnastic movements doesn’t reduce your ability anywhere else. It will improve your strength, control, coordination, spatial awareness, movement quality, sequencing, and mobility with no trade-off – aside from taking the time and effort, and holding yourself to a higher standard.

Gymnastics Based Seminars

Lindsay Vaughan has used the expertise that she gained from being a level 10 gymnast, NCAA Championship qualifier and through working with some of the U.S.A.’s top National Team Gymnastics Coaches to develop a seminar that is perfect for coaches or athletes. These seminars have been performed at numerous boxes in Australia and the U.S.A. If you would like first-hand feedback regarding the course then please contact us and we will provide details of some of the gyms that have utilized her services. XEPIUPFPGWLPTOF.20080123212954

The seminar is designed to give participants the tools needed to teach or perform gymnastics movement patterns in an effective and efficient manner. All participants will, by the end of the class, know what modification, if any, they should be using in WODs to most efficiently build strength.  This class will provide athletes with the tools necessary to get to the point where they are doing the unmodified movement in workouts in as short of a period as possible.

The seminar utilizes a fun open format which includes up to 3 short WODs (lasting typically 3 minutes each) to reiterate the scaling options.

The full class covers the following (but the seminar can be tailored to suit your box’s needs):

  1. Handstand Holds
  2. Handstand Walks
  3. Strict Handstand Push UpsGymnastics Seminar
  4. Kipping Handstand Push Ups
  5. Toes to Bar
  6. Kipping Pull Ups
  7. Butterfly Kip Pull Ups
  8. Bar Muscle Ups
  9. Ring Muscle Ups
  10. Rope Climbs
  11. Ring Handstand Push ups


For additional information about Lindsay Vaughan and her qualifications please click here.

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