Ballina Barbell

CrossFit Ballina is excited to offer a weightlifting club “Ballina Barbell”. This group is open to members of CrossFit Ballina as well as non-members. The program focuses on improving athlete’s technique and strength in the Snatch, Clean & Jerk and their related lifts. The class is intended to act as a supplement to your current training regime whether it be weightlifting, CrossFit or a sport specific program.

Weightlifting has the ability to drastically improve performance in any multitude of sports including; rugby, soccer, cricket, netball, hockey, triathlon, volleyball, athletics, basketball, martial arts and the list goes on. This is due to the fact that the Olympic Lifts have no equal in terms of the amount of fast twitch muscle fibres recruited to execute the lifts. This then translates over to an unparalleled ability to increase speed, strength, power and force production. Virtually all athletic sports require you to be faster, more powerful, or react quicker, or have a higher vertical jump, so the skill transfer from Olympic lifting is huge.

 Benefits of Olympc Weightlifting Include:

  • Time efficient- One lift works multiple muscle groups
  • Safety- It is a common misconception that Olympic Weightlifting is a dangerous sport. In reality it is much safer than most sports. Per 100 participant hours in school sports, weightlifters only suffered .0117 injuries which ranked them behind; football, soccer, track and field, basketball and many others.
  • Increased mobility- the Olympic lifts require mobility around virtually all major joints
  • Power production- There is no equal in terms of ability to produce power
  • Coordination- Anyone who has practiced Olympic Weightlifting knows that these lifts require a high degree of coordination and body awareness.

The lifts will provide you with FUNCTIONAL (useful) strength and mobility applicable to your sport.

“Ballina Barbell” meets each Saturday at 8:30 am and Thursday night at 6:30 pm. In each session athletes can expect to snatch or clean & jerk, perform dynamic pulling drills, and perform skill transfer drills and other supplemental exercises for the Olympic lifts.

Personalized Training Programs:

For athletes interested in more focused and/or more frequent training on the Olympic lifts, our expert coaching staff will design a program suited to your specific needs and goals, and the gym will be available to these athletes 6 days a week.

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