Getting Started

We are currently accepting new members and we would love for you to come and become part of the CrossFit Ballina community.

CrossFit is extremely effective but it requires an upfront investment in terms of time to ensure that you get the best possible results. Our introductory process allows your body to become accustomed to the workouts and to learn the movements. Spending this time up front will ensure you can get the most out of the workouts and reach your goals. Our aim is to be working with the same members 5-10 years down the track and as a result we have a long term focus. We are sure that you can appreciate how short sighted most of the training/nutrition advice etc. is in the health industry (30 day programs/cleanses etc.). This leads to people often leaving programs before they receive the benefits associated with them. We emphasise learning the movements correctly from the start because this is the best way to ensure your long term success and to help you stay safe and injury free. As a result we have the following process to get you started:

Step #1 Free Student Consultation/Intro to CrossFit

Your First session is free. Within the first session we will explain, and you will then experience the CrossFit methodology, and we’ll evaluate your current level of fitness. We will go over your goals and determine how our CrossFit program can help you reach them. Do it alone or bring a friend along to your 60-minute free intro session. First, you’ll meet your personal coach, who will explain the CrossFit methodology, then they will look at your fitness strengths and limitations and evaluate your current level of fitness.

Step #2 Personal Training Sessions

You will NOT be thrown into group classes. You will start your CrossFit Journey with a series of private training sessions. During these sessions the coach would be able to lead you through the major movements that we utilize and gradually introduce you (and your body) to the style of workouts that we do. In addition, they will go over your goals and discuss with you how to tailor the program to best suit your needs.  It would be tailored completely to you, your current level and goals.

There are many skills to be learned and you will be given time and support to develop at your own pace. By the end of your private coaching sessions, you will have become familiar with 30-40 CrossFit movements, including some Olympic weightlifting, power lifting, gymnastics and rowing skills. You will also learn about mobility, injury prevention, recovery, and nutrition. We have set graduation requirements, so you can be assured you will be stepping into group classes well prepared, instead of being dropped into the deep end.

The number of private sessions required is dependant upon the individual,their goals, fitness level and experience.

Once you graduate to the group sessions you will train with other like minded individuals. CrossFit Ballina’s classes are run by top level coaches who hold multiple certifications that range from Gymnastics to Olympic Weightlifting. Their expertise allows us to provide a safe and fun learning environment for all ages. Whether you’re looking to get back into shape or you have an extensive athletic background, we strive to provide everyone with a great workout. The coach will lead the class through mobility drills, a skills-based warm-up, the Workout of the Day or WOD and Post-workout recovery techniques. Classes are 1 hour in length and are run by 1-3 instructors based on size to ensure you get heaps of personalized attention. Our goal is to make your time at CrossFit Ballina the best hour of your day!

Ready to start?

Please use one of the contact methods listed and we’ll be sure to get back to you within 24 hours.

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