Parents and Bubs CrossFit

Our Parents and Bubs class is designed specifically for Parents (yes, Dads are very welcome too) with child care responsibilities for pre-school aged children to be able to access CrossFit Training.

The class goes for an hour and a half. All Parents and Children will warm up together for the first 15 minutes. Then the class will split in two, and half the Parents will hang out with the little ones playing, while the other group do the workout of the day (WOD). At 10:15 the groups will swap. The last 15 minutes we all come back together to cool down with the kids.

We have found that this class provides parents with a great opportunity to kill two birds with one stone 1) fit an amazing workout and 2) fit some socializing into a busy schedule.

One of our members had this to say about the class “as a Parent of a small, amazing and very strong spirited individual, I credit CrossFit as one of the main tools in my ‘maintaining sanity’ tool kit. For me, CrossFit provides the space to dump all my stress, fears and frustrations with the added bonus of a huge endorphin hit at the end which has me floating home to my family on Cloud 9, a new Mum, ready to be awesome again. It also keeps me strong and fit. Yay!”

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